Sexson Studio

There are many roads leading to ones passion. For me, all I do (speak, write, sculpt), I do with an unshakable belief in quality of life. It took a long time for my formal education (including a 90 hour comprehensive undergraduate degree in sculpture) to blend into a working relationship with my true self. But, the journey has come to fruition. I humbly try to honor all life through my hands and heart when creating pieces for my Best Friends Collection – small sculptures reflecting that moment when a person and their furry baby share a sense of fulfilling connectedness.

Though these are originals, so they aren’t for sale, and they are a 2-dimensional glimpse at 3-dimensional pieces, I still wanted to share them with you just because they bring me such joy to look at them. They have been digitally colored to add zip to the pictures. I will be most interested in what final colors will be used when someday a company will want to mass produce them.If they make you smile, cause a pause of reflection, or you have a little heart sigh, then they’ve done well today.


Best Friend Collection:

Sharing a dream

“Sharing a dream.”

I love you, too

“I love you, too.”

“He’s coming. He’s coming.”

Friends take time to talk

“Friends take time to talk.”

Love in any language

“Love in any language.”

(American Sign Language)

I am woman. No further explanation necessary

“I am woman. No further explanation necessary.”

Crabby but cute

“Crabby but cute.”