Week 1 April


Maxine has declared April “Hug Your Dog Month.”
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I stretched myself as tall as I could be tall so I could see out the window to watch Mom leaving my house. I barked for her to come back to me but she didn’t hear me. I went to myTurbofood bowl. I wasn't hungry. My tummy hurt. I went back to the window. My eyes looked and looked but they did not see her. My heart was very sad. My tummy kept hurting. I laid down. I got up and paced. I laid down again. Just as I was making my eyes sleep, my ears told me the back door opened. I ran me to that sound as fast as my paws could go. It was her! Mom came back to me! I ran in circles around her, rolled on the floor and my voice kept saying it’s happiest, “Eh-Eh-Eh.” When I finally quit wiggling all over the place, Mom scooped me up and put her arms all around me. I licked her face. I wagged my tail. Her hug made my tummy stop hurting and my heart start smiling. Myself knew everything was okay again.

Idea His point!                   “A hug is a bridge connecting two hearts.”