Week 2 April


Maxine has declared April “Hug Your Dog Month.”
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My buddy, Big Sarge, loves river camping with his human family. When their boat gets close to DUKE picshore, he jumps out, swims to land and heads for the woods. Last week, his people were unloading their gear and didn’t see their little boy, Chuck, walking get-your-paws-wet close to the water’s edge, throwing rocks. Faster than a hungry pup runs to a full food bowl, Sarge exploded out of the trees, circled Chuck and nudged him away from the shore. Chuck tried walking around Sarge but the dude kept barking and blocking him with his body. Chuck’s Pop saw what was happening and ran full speed toward Chuck who was trying to push Sarge away as Sarge stood firm between him and the water. Chuck’s Pop grabbed the little guy and didn’t put him down till they got to the safety of their camp area. After huge hugs from everybody, Big Sarge headed to the woods and wasn’t seen again till dinnertime when he got more hugs and a grilled steak of his own.

Idea His point!                   “Hugs usually mean more than just a hug”

– Becca Ann