Week 3 April


Maxine has declared April “Hug Your Dog Month.”
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Mom’s sleep room was getting dark when she laid a pile of good smelling clothes on her bed. I knew she put them there for me so I pawedDSCF1165 her things around, making them just right for a Maxine nap — on my back with my four paws straight up in the air. I did not hear Mom come back in the room. Mom did not see me asleep in her clothes. When she reached for something in that pile, instead of grabbing clothes, she grabbed my belly. I flew straight into the air, snarling and howling at the top of my lungs. When I landed I was breathing hard and ready to throw a hissy fit. I glared at Mom but she picked me up anyway. I tried wiggling away from her because my mad face was not finished being mad but she held me close and started rubbing my belly. As it is not easy to glare when your belly is getting scratched, I laid quietly in her arms till I was all calm again and ready to see if there was anything new in my food bowl.

Idea Her point!                   “Hugs come in many forms”