Week 4 April


Maxine has declared April “Hug Your Dog Month.”
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My friend Gracie comes to visit me sometimes. Once, when she wasn’t visiting me, ‘cause she chloe_weekly_story_aprilwas at home, she and her Poppa went to their upstairs to get ready for bed while her Memaw sat on the couch reading. Her Poppa put on his sleep clothes and was brushing his teeth when Gracie ran to him barking then turned and ran to the steps where she stood growling. When he came to see what she was trying to tell him, her Poppa saw Gracie’s Memaw laying on the downstairs floor. He ran to the talking machine then some people came and carried her Memaw away. She knew something was very bad because they left without saying goodby. Even with her favorite puppy sitter staying with her, Gracie wouldn’t play. She wouldn’t eat. She just laid on her pillow waiting for her Memaw and Poppa to come home. Her heart was very sad till she saw her Poppa finally come in the back door. She was so happy she almost pottied on the floor. He sat down beside her and when she put her head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her fur, making happy cry sounds. They sat together for a very long time. (Note: Gracie’s Memaw had suffered a stroke and was only able to crawl as far as the steps before collapsing. Thanks to Gracie’s alert, she received immediate help and within days was home again, fully recovered.)

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"Sometimes a hug says more than a thousand words ever could."

– Unknown Author