Week 5 April


Maxine has declared April “Hug Your Dog Month.”
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This morning every human in my house went in every direction but mine. I must say I was rather bella_sitting_in_yardbothered by the fact that nobody looked down. You’d think they’d notice I was standing in the middle of the room since they had to walk around me. I got the feeling that somehow, overnight, I had become invisible. Then, when everybody came home after leaving me alone the entire day, they started doing that going-in-every-direction-thing again. Well, enough was enough. I was forced to use my most insistent nose poke on them. That’s my way of saying “Helloooo. Look down. Here I am. I need to feel important too. Pleeeeze pet me.” Dad took my nose poke seriously. He sat down by me and gave me the best back scratch ever. I licked his face. He hugged me, stood up, took a deep breath and walked slowly to the other room with a smile on his face.

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"Let the closeness of your dog calm you and bring you peace."