Week 1 August

Blessed are we who are loved by a dog.
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Nobody told me mah Momma was in tha hospital. Nobody told me iffin she DSCF1213was ever a-comin’ home. One day mah heart was a-missin’ her real bad when Ah heard uh noise an’ ran tah investigate. Ah zoomed passed tha back door a-fore it soaked intah mah brain that Momma was a-standin’ there. Ah didn’t know Ah could back up at tha same time Ah was a-runnin’ forward. Ah started shakin’ all over an’ cryin’ as hard as Ah ever howled. Ah was uh tryin’ muh best tah climb up her leg when she picked me up. Ah kissed her all over her face then started chewin’ on her fingers ‘cause Ah didn’t know what else tah do with muh-self. Ah was wigglin’ an’ shiverin’ so hard she held me extra tight. Ah looked inta her eyes an’ saw her heart a-lookin’ back at me. Ah’m a-thinkin’ she saw muh heart too. Ah wrapped muh paws aroun’ her arm an’ hugged an’ hugged her till Ah couldn’t hug no more.

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“Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved!”

– Leo Tolstoy