Week 4 August


Blessed are we who are loved by a dog.
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I was cooling off in my Chloe swimming pool, which sits under a tree, when, all of sudden, that DSCF2626tree made a loud sound and some of it fell to the ground next to me. I jumped out of the pool, shaking the water off as I ran very fast to the porch where I bounced my front paws on the door till it banged, all the while barking and hollering as loud as I could till Poppa let me in the house. We stayed together in his big chair for a very long time till I started my Chloe potty wiggle which meant “Time to go out, Poppa!” I was very happy sniffing the grass and walking with him — till he turned toward my pool. I thought, “Ohhhh! Don’t go that way Poppa. Tree parts might fall on you!” I jumped at his leg, ran in the other direction, circled back to him, jumped at his leg and took off running again. I did this over and over till he changed course and followed me to our swing where we could sit together and I knew he’d be safe. You see, protecting Poppa is what my heart tells me to do.

Idea Her point!     “Dogs are furry angels God sent to watch over us.”

– Author Unkown