Week 1 July

Dogs are funny without even trying.
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While on vacation, Mom, Dad and I stopped at a place called a museum. Bella ready for play time.Mom went inside while Dad and I went exploring. We walked behind the building and found a shady, quiet place with lots of flowers and trees. Dad sat on a bench. When he looked away, I took off. I know I’m not supposed to do that but I spotted a big round pool of water with a fountain in the middle. My tail almost wagged off with happiness. I splashed. I bounced around in circles. I bit at the waves. People started coming out of the museum, pointing and laughing at me. I also saw Mom looking at me from behind a big window in that museum. She didn't look happy but I was happy enough for both of us. By then Pop saw what was going on. That’s about when a lady, who looked like she hadn't had a treat in a very long time, stomped up to Pop and grumbled at him while he shook his head up and down. Apparently the fountain isn't for dogs. Pop signaled for me to get out of the water but I kept splashing around till he came to the edge of the pool with an expression that said he wasn't in any mood for a discussion. I did one final Bella water flop then slowly climbed out of the best part of our trip. I shook myself off and trotted in the direction of our car with just one more thing to do to make myself the happiest dog ever —find the perfect potty spot.

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“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.”

– Orson Swett Marden