Week 3 July


Dogs are funny without even trying.
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She did not know I saw what she did but I did — and I was so not happy I stood perfectly still, my ears Maxine Weekly Story Julyperked at full attention and my eyes opened wide. Not being tall enough to see the top of the kitchen counter, I stretched my neck as far as I could, trying to see why Mom took my food bowl. It is mine. I do not like for anyone to mess with it and I certainly do not want it picked up. I heard Mom turn on the water. She looked at me and said, “Wait a minute. I’m just washing your bowl.” Does Mom not understand that I do not know how long a minute is? I ran to the mat where my dish is supposed to sit and started sniffing around to show her I was worried all the way to my tummy. I found one tiny piece of food I must have dropped the last time I ate. I grabbed it thinking it might be the last one I would ever get. “Oh woe is me,” I though, just before my ears heard the sound of a dog food bag opening and my eyes saw Mom put my dish back where it belongs. I did a quick sniff of my dinner to see if she added anything special. Dang! Nothing! How hard can it be to add a hot dog to my food as a special treat for causing this little girl such stress?

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“Life is simple, it’s just not easy.”

– Author unknown