Week 5 July

In loving memory of the little ones who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, including our little Frazier (see picture) a year ago this week, I respectfully repost his story through the eyes of his best friend, Chloe. I truly pray she is right.
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Frazier was my heart full of love from the very day I moved in next door to him. The first time I frazier-tiesaw him, he was looking at me through the other side of our fence, wagging his tail so hard he shook all over. From then on, any time his Momma let him outside, he’d bark for me. I’d hear him and throw a fit till my Memaw or Poppa opened my back door so I could get to where he was waiting for me. We would run along the fence together as fast as we could till we were both panting and he’d stop to get a drink of water and I’d jump into my doggie pool to cool off. One day I was running full speed, like always, but when I looked in his direction, he was way behind me. I slowed down so he could catch up. Every day after that, I would run slower and slower so he could keep up with me till, finally, he didn’t run at all. He would just sit and look at me so I would just sit and look at him too. Then, one day he didn’t come out. I waited and waited at the fence, but he didn’t come to me. I didn’t know where he was or why I couldn’t be with him. Every day I would look and wait. I howled. I barked. I cried. Frazier didn’t come. After a while, I quit sitting by the fence. I laid in the middle of my yard with my chin on my paws staring at the place he used to be. Finally, my heart knew he wasn’t coming out to play with me anymore. But I know he is waiting for me somewhere and, some day, we will run together, side by side, with no fence between us ever again.

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