Week 2 June


Have you ever looked at your dog and thought “Well, bless your heart.”?
paw Maxine:     [facebook_like_button]
It is me. Maxine. After I take care of business on my potty papers, I hold my head high, trot to Mom and DSCF3180bark loudly, telling her what I did so she knows that I am to get a treat. Sometimes I get my way. Sometimes not. Sometimes she just smiles at me and tells me what a good girl I am. Dang! Forget that good girl thing. I want a treat! Yesterday I went on my papers, ran to Mom and gave her my I-am-seriously-waiting-for-a-puppy-bone face. She turned and opened the Maxine jar. “Yes,” I thought. “Success!” She lowered her hand to me. As my mouth lunged for my treat, it fell to the floor and rolled under the kitchen cabinet. I stuck my nose under there but I could not reach what was mine. I pawed at it but it was too far away. Finally I laid on my side and stretched my paw very far under the counter. As I batted at it, I hit it so hard it flew out and slid across the floor. At that very time, Turbo walked through the kitchen and spotted my treat. It disappeared. I saw what happened. Mom did not. That meant there was not going to be another bone coming my way. I stomped to my big round chair and threw myself down. It is a hard life when you are not tall enough to reach your own treat jar.

Idea His point!                   “There are some things in life that just suck.”

– Lauren Morrill