Week 3 June


Have you ever looked at your dog and thought “Well, bless your heart.”?
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For as long as my head can remember, myself has much liked jumping on furniture. So, when I saw the DSCF3175new chair Mom put on my porch, I ran to it and hopped right up there. As I landed, it came into my brain that the front part was higher than the back part and it was a very slick place to be. All of me started going downhill. My paws went in every direction, trying to stop me but, I was moving so fast, nothing I did kept me from sliding to the ground through a big hole in the back. I was very confused. I’ve jumped on lots of chairs before and always stayed where I landed so I couldn’t understand why this one shoved me out. I really wanted up there but I was afraid to jump again so Mom put me in the chair and stayed near me. I stood very still, looking around from my high spot, till my paws started sliding which made all of me start shaking. Mom picked me up and held me close. I licked her face. If I didn’t have Mom’s arms, my world would be a very big and scary place.

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“Everybody needs a safe place.”

– Mary Oliver