Week 4 June


Have you ever looked at your dog and thought “Well, bless your heart.”?
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My good morning Chloe wiggle didn’t happen. You see, I woke up. I stood up. I fell down. The roomchloe_daddy_cuddle looked crooked and so did Memaw and Poppa who were running to me. I didn't know my head was sitting sideways till Poppa picked me up and held it straight. But, when he let go, it leaned over again. My legs wouldn't do what I wanted them to either. So, instead of walking, I stumbled across the room. When we got to my doctor, all I could do was look at her while she talked soft and tried to help me. I was confused. I didn't understand what was happening. My body wouldn't listen to me. When she finally let me go home from the doggie hospital, my mouth could drink water but it didn’t know how to eat so Memaw fixed my favorite foods, mushed them up then put some on my lip under my nose so I could lick it off. Since my legs didn't work right, Poppa would rub my neck and back then stretch my legs before we practiced walking in the yard. He would stay right next to me and when I’d stumble, he’d hold my sides to keep me from falling. I don’t know how I knew, but something told me that I had to keep using my legs if I was ever going to wiggle, run and jump again. I think I must be doing much better ‘cause, when we walk, Poppa doesn't cry anymore. Now he smiles and says, “Good girl, Chloe.”

Idea Her point!     “As long as there is life, there is potential… !”

-Israelmore Avivor