Week 1 March


Dogs “talk”. It’s up to us to pay attention to understand what they’re “saying”.


When I take a nap, I take it seriously. I curl up on my doggie cushion where the sun shines in the window on me and the only things that wake me up are my own snoring or Mom patting me on my backside. However, after dark sleep-time, when Mom’s morning clock thing buzzes, I am so up and in her face trying to stare her awake. That buzz thing means it is time for breakfast and this girl wants hers immediately. This is not negotiable. If Mom will not open her eyes, I stand even closer, blowing puppy breath on her and whining. If I do my most pitiful whimper and, instead of opening her eyes, she pulls the covers over her head, I crawl right under those covers and put my cold, wet nose on her warm, dry neck. She does not like this but she does open her eyes – then grumbles all the way to the kitchen where my food bowl is waiting for her to fill it. Dang! It is not like I am asking for a stack of pancakes, although that would be nice.

Her point!
Her point: “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!”

–Maya Angelou