Week 2 March


Dogs “talk”. It’s up to us to pay attention to understand what they’re “saying”.

Turbo_01I didn’t want to go to the vet but Mom took me anyway. The people there talked nice to me but I made my eyes close as I scooted way back in Mom’s arm. My brain told me I could back up so far I would be someplace else. But, when I opened my eyes, myself was still there. Mom and I sat down. I climbed from her legs to her shoulder faster than she could slow me down. She said, “Turbo. Easy. You’re acting like a monkey on five cups of coffee.” I didn’t know what she meant but myself wanted me gone so much I kept climbing on her as fast as she tried to put me back into her lap. My tummy started hurting and, when my doctor put me on his table, myself started shaking and I did an Oh-Oh. I looked at Mom thinking I was in trouble, but, she just rubbed my back and said all soft-like that everything was okay. I leaned me against her and licked her hand. I’m so glad she knows that I try to be a good boy but myself can’t stop a scared-poo when it starts without me.


IdeaHis point!
“Understanding your dog…(is) no less essential than love and respect.”

Michael W. Fox