Week 3 March


Dogs “talk”. It’s up to us to pay attention to understand what they’re “saying”.


ChloeWake-up time is Chloe potty time so I ran past Memaw sitting in her big chair, took a sharp turn around a table, and made it to the back door just as Poppa opened it for me. It only took a few steps before I turned around and headed back to the living room where I sat very still and stared at Poppa. I couldn’t do my morning Chloe wiggle as I really had to potty bad but, you see, it was raining outside and I don’t like cold, wet rain. Poppa tried to get me to go out but the only place I went was to my cushion where I put my chin on my paws. I didn’t know what else to do. I laid there till I heard Poppa say, “Come, Chloe.” When I went to the bathroom where he was waiting for me, there was paper all over the floor. He said, “Potty, Chloe.” I just looked at him. I really had to go, and I really wanted to do what he wanted me to, but there was no place for me to go. I am to potty in grass but I didn’t see grass anywhere. Poppa sighed, picked me up, and we both went to the back yard. When he sat me down, I started to run back to the house but he put his umbrella over me and kept the rain away so I took off, happy to be able to do my business. Poppa ran right behind me. He followed me all around the trees, garden and edge of the fence till I was finished before picking me up and carrying me to the porch where Memaw gave me a treat and Poppa a big towel. I looked up at him and gave him a Chloe wiggle. When he got dry and sat down, I jumped in his lap and gave him an even bigger Chloe wiggle. Poppa is my best friend ‘cause, even though he is not yard trained, he went outside with me anyway to help me feel good when I couldn’t feel good by myself.

Her point!
“Even the smallest act of kindness fills a grateful heart.”