Week 4 March


Dogs “talk”. It’s up to us to pay attention to understand what they’re “saying”.


ChloeDad drug a big bag out of the closet, laid it open on the floor, and started filling it with his clothes, shoes, and socks. I considered that open bag an invitation to nose around and see what might be of interest to me. It only took a few sniffs to know there was nothing exciting enough for me to take out and put under the cushion of my bed. Dad was too busy walking in and out of the room to pay attention to me so I just sat and watched him for a while, got a drink of water, then looked through the bag again. Everything was just fine till he shut it and headed toward the front door. That’s when I realized HE WAS LEAVING! I pitched a fit. He tried to hug Mom but I squeezed between them and put my paws on his shoulders. He told me to get down. I ran in circles around him, barking louder and louder. He reached for his bag. I jumped at it, knocking it over. When I started scratching at it as fast as I could, he knew such behavior was beneath my proper training so, instead of raising his voice, he opened the bag. Before he could stop me, my nose was so in there, scooting things out of my way. He tried looking around my head to see what I was doing but I had no intention of backing up. When I found what I was looking for, I grabbed it and streaked across the room to my favorite spot behind the couch where I felt safe leaving it so I could return to Dad for a proper good-by. I wasn’t happy that he was leaving but I was very happy that he wasn’t leaving with my favorite bone that I had very carefully hidden in his bag.

Her point!
“You never really understand a person (or dog) until you consider things from his(/her) point of view.”

– Harper Lee