Week 1 May


What your dog wants you to know.
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After sniffing around my yard and taking care of business, I headed to mymaxine_may_2014_weekly_story porch swing. I put my front paws on the pillow and scratched at it. Mom did not see me showing her that I wanted up there ‘cause she was scooping poo hiding in the grass. I did not want to wait for her so I reared back and jumped as hard as I could. My front half landed on the cushion. My other half did not. Dang! It is not easy to get on furniture when you are bottom-heavy. Mom finally saw me hanging in mid-air and came running. Once she scooped me up and sat me on the swing so all of me was in the same place, I threw back my head and barked. I was finally where I wanted to be ‘cause when I am up that high, I can see way more than when I am close to the ground so I like to sit up there and watch everything for a very long time. I even let Mom sit and look around with me sometimes.

Idea Her point!                  

Like humans, dogs find mental stimulation seeing
the world from a different perspective.