Week 3 May


What your dog wants you to know.
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Mom, Dad and I went to an ocean where there was more water than I ever saw before.Bella ready for play time. Unlike my lake, the water didn't stand still. Over and over, the ocean would roll up the sand, splash on my paws then back away. When my tail told Dad I really liked it there, he started throwing my ball-on-a-rope in the water. I’d run full-speed into the waves and get my toy so he could throw it for me again. When he was too tired to play anymore, Mom, Dad, and I walked to a beach restaurant with an outdoor porch so I could be with them while they had dinner. I was pleased to see that I was so welcome they even kept a big bowl full of cool water for guests like me. We were having a good time till my body told me salt water that goes in a dog’s stomach doesn't stay there. It wants out when it wants out. Dad saw what happened and he saw me hang my head and tuck my tail between my legs because I knew I did something that might get me in trouble. He came right to me, patted my back, told me everything was okay, then made the floor all clean again. As he sat down to finish his dinner, a lady leaving the restaurant with her dog stopped and scratched my ears. She said she hoped I was feeling better. I wagged my tail at her then walked over to Dad and put my head in his lap. It was my way of saying “Thank you for loving me.”

Idea Her point!                   

Like humans, things happen to dogs beyond their control.

Don’t be angry.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.