Week 4 May


What your dog wants you to know.
pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]
I took Mom for a walk yesterday. I was having a very nice time smelling wonderful things on themaxine_may_stop_chasing_pic ground, looking at anything and everything that moved, and barking at whatever I wanted to bark at. Mom does not bark so I bark for both of us. My very nice time went away when some children came toward me with their hands out. I knew what that meant and I did not like what I was seeing. I turned my head away. They did not understand what I was telling them but Mom did. I did not want them to touch me. That included not petting me, not scratching my back, and certainly not putting their faces in mine. Mom told the children that I was not in a sociable mood so they should just enjoy me from a distance. Dang! Was I wearing a sign that said I was part of a petting zoo? I think not!

Idea Her point!     Watch a dog's body language and respect their need for their own space.