Week 1 September

Dogs know what they want.
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I live by the Maxine rule: if I can see it and I can reach it, then it is mine.


As I sniffed my way down rows of good stuff at the dog food shopping place, my eyes sparkled just thinking about what it would be like to eat my way through the whole store. Mom interrupted my doggie-dreaming when she said it was time to go. We went to where a lady put our food and treats in a bag. I wanted to walk around more but I was on one end of my leash and Mom was at the other end. She is bigger than me so I just sighed and stood waiting for her – till I spotted something– on a shelf — right in front of my mouth. As Mom picked up our food sacks and I was pulling her toward the door, the lady said, “Did Maxine shop for herself?” Mom looked down at me. I looked up at her. Dang straight Mom! I picked up a cookie-bone-in-a-bag and I intended to carry it to the car all by myself.

Idea Her point!  

“It's a great feeling knowing what you want… and to actually have the motivation to do it…”

– Author Unknown