Week 2 September

Dogs know what they want.

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Popcorn is the bestest food in my whole world. It’s even more bestest than bones or DSCF2997dinner. If Maxine gets to our food bowl first, I just stand in line behind her and wait my turn to eat. But, when Mom fixes popcorn, the smell makes all of me run in circles around her while she walks to my big dog cushion where I know she will give me popcorn all for myself. Maxine gets hers in another room. Yesterday, Maxine ate all her popcorn fast-like and came running to me thinking she could have some of mine. When I saw her, I laid myself down on the last pieces of popcorn I had left. She sniffed my pillow and moved herself close to my side. I leaned toward her. She walked to my other side. I leaned that way toward her. She stared at me. I turned my head away. She finally stomped away and I was glad ‘cause myself really wanted to get that popcorn from under my belly to inside my belly.

Idea His point!   “Success requires persistence…”

– Martin Seligman