Week 3 September

Dogs know what they want.
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When I drop Tilly in Poppa’s lap, that means I want him to pitch my fuzzy gray IMG_1452squirrel down the hall for me—which he does. She’s in my mouth as soon as she hits the floor unless I misgauge my speed and slide right past her. But either way, I take her to Memaw. She throws Tilly across the living room and says “Bring her to me, Chloe.” I snatch Tilly but I don’t take her to Memaw. It’s Poppas turn to play so I go to his work room and put her in his lap again. He tosses her again. I grab her again. He asks me to bring Tilly to him too, but, I have to take her to Memaw because it’s Memaw’s turn. He has to wait till Memaw throws Tilly again before he can have her. We do this over and over till I hear the words I don’t like. “No more, Chloe.” I run to Poppa. He shakes his head sideways. I run to Memaw. She shakes her head sideways. I run to my bed and shake Tilly then we lay down together. Maybe next time Memaw and Poppa will play longer and remember that I know how to take turns and so should they. You see, it’s the Chloe way.

Idea Her Lesson                 

 “…at least 90% of success (is) knowing what you want.

– Billy Cox