Week 4 September

Dogs know what they want.
pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]
It is me. Maxine. Do I look happy? 1544504_10152541446132519_1931934094_nI think not. Mom says I am dirty…I stink…and I need my hair cut. I do not agree with her. I want her to leave me alone and let me be my natural self. I have a mind to put what is mine in my Maxine backpack and leave but I do not know how to reach my treats and I am not leaving without them. And, to add to my situation, I am not allowed to leave the yard by myself so I am stuck unless I can figure out how to get Mom to take me where I might want to go by pushing me there in my doggie stroller. I see a bath coming very soon. Dang!

Idea Her point!     “It’s much better to face the facts and deal with them than…(just) hope things will get better.” – Lena