Week 5 September

Dogs know what they want.
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Independence is one of my bestbella qualities I think. However, when curled up on my dog cushion for the night and thunder suddenly makes my house shake and lightning flashes, I reconsider my self-sufficient position and charge to Mom and Dad’s bedroom. I know the rules of the house, or rather rules of the bed, but I don’t care. I jump on the mattress and lay between Mom and Dad. If he tells me to get down, I do so but only long enough to turn around and jump back up between them again. No matter how many times Dad asks me to get down, I do so but, experience tells me that, if I keep jumping back up there again and again, he will finally give up and we can get some sleep –together. If I must endure a storm, then Dad must endure me.
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“Scary with you is better than scary without you” – Tamora Pierce