Week 4 August 2016 – Turbo

Dogs are good at acting “cool”.


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turbo-week4-2016-augustThis morning I was feeling very fine, trotting around my yard looking at everything my eyes could see and sniffing the ground for a just-right-go-spot. But, after I did my poo, I took some steps and stood me where I was. My back half had gone wrong. I took more steps but my paws stopped me again. Oh woe was me. I was looking around not sure what to do when I spotted a puppy in the next yard. Everything left my brain except running toward him. When I got to the fence, my head told me that I had fixed myself. I was all good again. It’s lots easier to walk like a cool big guy once you’ve knocked off the hanger-oner stuck on your tail.

His point!

“You can’t count on everything going right but you can count on yourself when things go wrong.”

– Author Unknown