Week 5 August 2016

Dogs are good at acting “cool”


pawMaxine: [facebook_like_button]

week-5-august-2016-maxineCharging out the back door, I was a girl on a mission, barking loud enough for everyone in the whole world to hear me. I intended to run the yard noisy and fast then find a potty spot. My plan was a good one… till I got to the edge of the porch. Woah! Mom did not tell me it had rained which meant the porch was dry but the grass was wet. These paws do not do wet grass. Therefore I skidded to a stop with no intention of taking even one more step forward. I stared at where I wanted to go but would not go till the grass was to my liking. Turning toward the door I looked at Mom, which meant I wanted her to open that door since I am not big enough to do so myself. Once inside, I trotted straight to my papers. Wee? Done! Paws? Dry! Some things in life are not negotiable. And that is that.

Her point!

“When you’re ‘cool’ you know what is important to you.”

– Author Unknwon