Week 1 April

Have some fun this month!
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It is me. Maxine. A most baby_maxine_picturewonderful thing happened. Mom called for Turbo and me to come outside with her. I thought she wanted us to potty so I took my good ol’ time getting there. However, when she pointed at the ground and said, “Look! The Easter Bunny came and left doggie treats all over the yard for you,” I ran to her and grabbed that treat almost quicker than she could move her finger. She pointed to another spot. I ran to her again — and found another little biscuit. Turbo saw what was happening so he started smelling around too. Everywhere we walked, we found more pieces of good stuff. We used to have a rabbit, Helen Grace, who lived with us for a very long time. She slept next to us, hopped through the house with us but she never, ever, gave us anything to eat. Dang! I wonder if Mom could get us another rabbit but this time make it an Easter Bunny. I did not know there were different kinds of rabbits, but now that I do, I definitely want one that leaves treats in the yard for me.

Idea Her point!  

“It’s a great feeling knowing what you want.”

– Author Unknown