Week 1 April 2016

What dogs don’t like.


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Turbo_week1_April_2016Myself was staring at my sister, Maxine, who was very asleep in our doggie-paw bed. I was wishing she would move so I could lay me there. All of a sudden Mommy sneezed so loud the noise exploded in my ears. It must have gone in Maxine’s ears too cause her eyes flew open as her whole body shot straight up high with her paws scrambling fast in every direction like she was going to climb the air all the way to the ceiling. When she got all of herself back on the ground, I went and put my face in hers till she turned, giving Mommy a dirty look, and huffed and puffed herself away. That’s when I walked me to what was now my sleep spot to see if her scared self peed in it.

Idea His point!    

“Many things come to us unexpected and unplanned.”


– Author unknown