Week 1 August 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.
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Mommy was all gone from turbo_week1_august_2015home and Maxine was stretched out on the couch, snoring. Since myself didn’t have anybody to play with, I crawled on my big sleep spot in front of the window, put my head down and closed my eyes — till my ears heard something they didn’t like. I jumped up my fastest and spotted a man in my yard, carrying a package, and he was walking toward my house! My whole body shook as I barked and barked my most ferocious bark at him. When I heard the ding-dong, which means somebody is at my front door, I ran as fast as my paws would take me to that door but my eyes couldn’t see anything so I made a fast U-turn, skidded sideways, turned myself around and headed back to the window. I was making so much noise Maxine came running to help me. We kept hollering “Bad Man! Bad Man! Bad Man! Go away! Now!” My brain told me we must have scared him ‘cause he got in his truck and left us alone. Maxine went back to snoring on the couch. I stayed staring out the window and growling low-like till myself was all calmed down then strutted off. That’s what I do after myself has been big-n-bad.

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“Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

– Brad Henry