Week 1 August 2016 | Turbo – Dogs are good at acting “cool”

Dogs are good at acting “cool”



Dogs are good at acting “cool” Sitting on my doggie pillow, I watched Mommy watch the picture box while she ate her dinner. She must have wanted something ‘cause she got up, leaving her plate all alone on the table next to her chair. As soon as herself was in the kitchen hidden from my eyes, I jumped me in her seat spot. I put my paws on the table and stretched my neck so my face could reach Mommy’s sandwich and some potato chips. My mouth could hardly slow down as I gobbled up as much as I could of everything on her plate except a phooey-tasting pickle. When she came back she looked at her plate. She squinted her eyes then looked at me. Myself didn’t run and hide or nothing like that. I just stood all of me very still, staring up at her with a what-cha-doin’ look. My brain sometimes confuses me but myself is smart enough to know that, if I might get in trouble, it’s best to look as innocent as I can make my face look innocent.

Idea His point!    

“The art of being “cool”: stay calm and use your head.”

– Author Unknown