Week 1 December 2015

Christmas doesn’t always come from a store and not always in December.


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When my butt wiggles, chloe_december_week1_2015I wiggle all over. But, one morning, I woke up and I couldn’t wiggle any more. I couldn’t hold up my head and I couldn’t make my legs do what I told them to do. Poppa rushed me to my doctor who told him I had a stroke during the night. She gave Poppa medicine for me to take and told him to rub my neck and hold my head straight up the way it’s supposed to be and to rub my legs and back to help me walk forward instead of sideways. Since he was afraid I would fall off the bed, Poppa put down covers and slept with me on the floor in case I needed him. One night Poppa must have known I was feeling very, very bad ‘cause he held me close with his arm around me, and whispered, “Don’t leave me Chloe.” I woke up later and whimpered that I had to potty. Poppa picked me up, carried me outside, and gently stood me on the grass, holding onto my sides till I steadied myself. I slowly made my way to a favorite wee place not too far from him. When I turned to see if Poppa was watching me, I saw water falling out of his eyes and his shoulders sagging and shaking. I sensed that I needed to run to him. My legs wobbled as I struggled and stumbled but I forced myself go more forward than sideways as fast as I could ‘cause, you see, I was showing him, “Have hope, Poppa. Have hope.”

(Note: Over time Chloe made a complete recovery.)

Idea Her point!    

“When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’”

– Author Unknown