Week 1 December 2016 | Maxine

Turbo and Maxine are sharing some of their favorite Christmas stories.



dscf1165Mom got the bright idea of dressing me for a Christmas picture. The green coat was okay but when she started putting pointy-toed shoes on these paws, I made it clear that I was not a happy elf. She would put one on me then when she tried to put another one on, I would shake the first one off. When she tried putting the first one back on again, I would fling the second one across the room. We kept doing this till she finally harrumphed and tossed them in a drawer. I did not see a treat coming my way so I went on my way – to take a nap. And that was that!

Idea Her point!    

“In a dispute over priorities, speak up for yourself.”

– Author Unknown