Week 1 December

Seize moments of joy.
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When Mom stopped our car, I knew where we were –maxine_smiling_big– Grandma’s house! I gave her a happy butt wiggle and face kisses then took off with my nose to the floor sniffing out new smells and maybe food Grandma did not know she had dropped. I went from place to place till I came upon Grandma’s room. I saw her bed. A very good place for a nap. When I jumped on her mattress I landed on a hard box. The bed made a funny noise then started moving up and down. I did not know sleep places moved up and down but I liked it. I walked in circles pawing covers making them just right for me when I stepped on that hard box again. The bed moved up and down again! I did not know why the bed did such a thing but it made me happy bark. I think Grandma heard me ‘cause she came in the room and said, “Maxine, are you playing with my electric bed?” I looked at her as I slapped my front paws down and stuck my backside in the air. I was telling her, “Come play with your Maxine, Grandma. You know you want to.” She did…but she did not wiggle her butt like me.

Idea Her point!  

“It’s more fun when you’re not the only one having it.”

– Bernie DeKaven