Week 1 February 2016

Never underestimate the cunning mind of a dog.


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maxine_February_week1_2016Dang! If Mom does not want me for one thing, she wants me for something else. I do not like this. And, I absolutely do not like when she breaks a Maxine Rule—particularly the Leave-Me-Alone Rule: If my eyes are closed, do not bother me unless food is involved. My shut eyes mean I might be asleep or I might be thinking about  sleeping. Then, again, I might simply be ignoring everyone. You would think Mom would follow my Rule but Noooooooo!  It is, “Maxine, let’s go out and potty” – like I do not know when I have to wee! Or, “Maxine, time for a bath” – like I am going to happily jump up for that one! I sometimes wonder if Mom just sits around thinking of ways to irritate me?  I have learned to take matters into my own paws. When I am comfortably curled up on my bed and hear “Maxine…,” I do not move, especially my ears. Twitching ears is a dead giveaway that I hear her. If she says my name again and I hear her walking toward me, I snuggle down even deeper into my pillow and make soft little “mmmmmmm” whimpers. Experience tells me Mom is going to say, “Awwww,” and tiptoe away.  Maxine Rules rule!


Idea Her point!    

“I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”


– Louise L. Hay