Week 1 February

Happies are the heart’s High-Fives
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My mostest favorite toy got gone. turbo_sadI looked for him everywhere on furniture that is higher than I am tall and under everything lower than I am short. My brain ran out of places to look for my wooley purple lamb. My whole self was sad because, ever since I was a little boy, I chewed on Baa Baa, slept with him and took him with me everywhere I went. Then one day, a very long time later, I was digging for food crumbs between pillows on my couch when I spotted a chewed-up purple tail. I tugged on it so hard Baa Baa sailed way high across the room – with one of my old chew bones stuck to his tummy. I jumped to the floor and ran my paws to him as fast as I could, put him in my mouth and wouldn’t let go except for when I had to potty. I tried dragging him with me to the yard but he got stuck on the step so I did my business fast-like and picked him up on my way back in then laid on top of him so he could hear my heart beat happy.

Idea His point!  

“The best things in life are unexpected…”

– Eli Khamarov