Week 1 January 2016

Dog’s don’t make excuses… they make things happen.


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turbo_january_2016_week_1It was wrong. It was all wrong and it kinda confused my brain. Mommy scooted the furniture in the living room all around getting ready for a party. The chairs and tables weren’t where they were supposed to be. But, the baddest thing of all, Mommy moved my bed. My eyes wanted to take a nap but how could I lay me in a place that wasn’t my spot? I wanted my bed in its right place so I barked at it and rolled on it but it didn’t move. I stood in the middle of it and dug at the cushion and even nudged it with my nose. It just sat there. I got so upset I grabbed it with my teeth and tugged as hard as my big-boy self could tug. When it started sliding, I pulled even harder than I thought I could pull. It got stuck on the edge of a chair but I kept jerking on it till it came loose. My bed is bigger than me but I didn’t care. I kept pulling and tugging till I got my sleep spot where it belonged and I could throw all of me right in the middle of it which was my way of telling Mommy not to move my bed ever again.

Idea His point!    

“Don’t wait for someone else to make things happen for you.
Make it happen for yourself.”

– Nick Cannon