Week 1 January

Think like a dog: they know what they want –and they go for it.
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I do not think Chloe’s Memaw can count. unnamedI decided this when she puppy-sat Turbo and me while Mom was gone away. She asked if I wanted out to potty. I was not interested. I ignored her–till I saw her go to my treat jar and put two biscuits in the pocket of her robe. That is when I ran to the door and barked for her to open it – immediately. I found a just-right spot and looked over at Memaw to be sure she was watching me taking care of business, which I was, so there would be no argument about me getting those treats. She said I was a good girl, which I was, and handed me a biscuit. But, instead of giving me the other one, she walked to the house – with me trotting right next to her, keeping my eyes on her every move. How could she not know two treats means two, not one?! As fast as she sat on the couch I was even faster jumping in her lap and sticking my whole face in her pocket. She tried to lift up my head but it stayed in that pocket till I found my second biscuit. It was mine. I wanted it. And that was that!

Idea Her point!  

“I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.”

– Venus Williams