Week 1 July 2015

Through the eyes of a dog
pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]

(Back story: Maxine had to have surgery to laser off seven small growths on her head/ body, her nose shaved due to a “skin” condition which can ultimately affect air intake and a fatty growth removed from her back inner thigh)

It is me. Maxine. I thought Mommaxine_jule_2015 was taking me to that store where I walk around showing her what treats and toys I want. I held my head high, looking at the whole world from my car seat. My tail wagged and my nose sniffed the air. My tail stopped mid-wag when I saw where we were. Dang! No toys. No treats. It was my doctor’s office! I usually walk in telling everybody I am there and that I do not want to be there so open the door and let me out but – instead — my doggie-alarm went off! I started shaking and could not stop even though Mom talked soft to me. I sensed that she was worried. When she put me in my doctor’s arms, and left me, I knew something was definitely going to happen not to my liking. I was giving that doctor my best I-Am-Not-Happy look when I must have taken a nap as my eyes were very sleepy when Mom came back for me. She carried me to the car ‘cause I hurt all over and when I walked, I went sideways. At home she laid me on a big sleep spot she made for us on the living room floor so we could be together. I did not know why I was hurting but curling up next to her, feeling her warm body, made me stop shivering ‘cause I felt safe. I wanted most of me touching her so I sometimes I put my head on her shoulder and my paw on her chest. I am a very brave girl ‘cause today I finally laid on the floor and had puppy dreams all the way across the room from her, all by myself. I think this girl deserves more than just a treat…like maybe an extra large pizza!

Idea Her point!  

“Give yourself credit for each brave step you take.”

– Author Unknown