Week 1 July 2016 Turbo

Dogs being big-n-bad.



DSCF3204 reducedMy outside looks like I’m a little boy but my insides tell me I am very big, brave and ferocious. This morning my ears heard our front door ding-dong. That meant someone was behind it so my paws walked me with Mommy to see who was there. As she reached for the doorknob, I ran behind her legs, barking and howling. A man I never saw before came in. Staying behind Mommy, I kept barking to let him know I was there and I wasn’t happy that he was there. That man stooped down and held out his hand to me. I stepped toward him then backed up real fast-like as Mommy took him to the kitchen. While he did something to the place where our water comes from, I stood under the table, watching him hard and growling and grumbling when he moved or made a loud noise. After a very long time looking and looking at him, I got tired and sleepy all over but myself made my eyes keep staring at him ‘cause that’s what seriously tough-guy watch dogs like me do.

Idea His point!    

Be as brave as you can be brave under your circumstances.

– Author unknown