Week 1 June 2015

Dogs are such good helpers
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Myself works very hard to help turbo_june_2015Mommy fix our sleep spot when she takes away the sheets that smell like me and puts on new ones that don’t smell like me. As she smooths out the first cover, I run from one end of the bed to the other then scratch at the pillows as fast as my paws can dig. When she tries to pick me up, myself runs to the other side of the bed quicker than she can catch me. When she starts putting on the next sheet, I dart under it and walk in circles, even though the cover makes dark get all over me. Mommy says, “Where’s Turbo?” I don’t always know for sure but my brain tells me I am still where I was so I keep walking and scooting my face on the new sheets making them smell like me again. When I finally poke my head out from the cover, the light comes back and Mommy scratches behind my ears till I fall myself on my side so she can pet me happy all over. I’m going to help her again when she changes our cover on the couch even if I’m sleepy ‘cause I know she needs me.

Idea His point!  

“Be of help however you can whenever you can.”

– Author Unknown