Week 1 March 2016

Dogs have a mind of their own and don’t hesitate to speak it.


pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]

maxine_march_week1_2016Crumbs. Nothing but tiny crumbs sitting all by themselves in the bottom of my dinner bowl! I have let Mom live with me plenty long enough for her to know my dish is to be full at all times. I know when I am hungry. She does not. Therefore, she gets in trouble with me when I have to remind her of her job — which I had to do this morning. Rather than finding breakfast, all I found was – crumbs! I looked at Mom. Apparently it is easy for her to ignore my stern face when she is washing the dishes. I barked at her. Again, she paid no attention. Therefore, I was forced to stomp to her, bark again, even louder, then run back to my eat spot. Dang if that Mom of mine did not just give me a quick glance and say, ”Just a minute, Maxine. Let me dry my hands.” I thought, “Seriously Mom? Can you not see I am waiting?This girl wants what she wants and she wants it now!” It is not easy to keep Mom properly trained to follow the Maxine rules. Maybe she would do better if she got treats.

Idea Her point!    

“… give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you…”


– Shannon L. Alder