Week 1 March

To get along with a dog – do it their way.
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Sometimes a girl wants to maxine_sleepingbe left alone to nap – which is what this girl wanted which is why I curled up on top of the pillows on my big round chair. I did not know I had sunk down between the cushions till I woke up hearing Mom calling my name. She did not sound like it was important that I go to her so I just stayed snuggled where I was. Her voice got higher and louder as she said, “Maxine? Where are you?” I poked my head out from between the pillows and watched her look under furniture, behind furniture and inside closets. Her voice got more frantic as she kept saying, “Where are you?” I was very comfortable and did not want to move—that is till she said the word, “Treat!” I ran straight to her as fast as I could. She should have said that to begin with.

Idea Her point!  

“Action expresses priorities.”

– Mahatma Gahdhi