Week 1 May

Roll with the punches.
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Mommy calls it my doggie-dash.turbo_may_2015_week1 Myself calls it run-Turbo-run. When she gets out that big machine she pushes across the floor to clean it, my paws scoot me as fast as they can to another room. I put my whole self behind a chair except for my head. It stays out so my eyes can watch every move Mommy makes. I have to know when she is coming near where I am so I can take me to a safe spot someplace else. Even if she makes the machine get quiet, all of me stays behind furniture till I’m sure it’s not going to start making noise again. It’s big. It’s loud. And, I worry that it might get me. But myself is a little brave. I don’t get so scared that I potty on the carpet.

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“It’s okay to be scared and brave at the same time!”

– Kelly Epperson