Week 1 May 2016 – Maxine

What dogs do that make us sigh – a heavy sigh!


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maxine_week1_may_2016I was staring in Mom’s face so close that I could feel the air coming out of her nose. She did not move. I stared harder. I whined “Get up. Get up.” She still did not move. I barked “GET UP!” She opened her eyes a little and pulled her nighttime blanket over her head as she said, “Maxine, it’s Saturday. Leave me alone.” I do not know what a Saturday is but I certainly knew I wanted her out of bed. Immediately! It took licking her face to move her to action. Once I had her up and wide awake, I happily trotted to the door for my morning trip to the yard, grabbed a bite of breakfast then headed to my dogpaw cushion for a nap. I could hear Mom mumbling something that included my name but I was too comfortable to care about what she was saying.

Idea Her point!    

“Celebrate each morning with gratitude and a little nap.”


– Author unknown