Week 1 November 2015

Dogs just wanna have fun.


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When the air outside turns cool, chloe_week1_nov_2015my insides get so happy I run and run in the grass doing my most fun thing — chasing bugs that come out when it’s dark outside. Last night Poppa and I were in the yard together. He walked around while I sniffed bugs, chased bugs and picked them up in my mouth then spit them out. I was playing with a bug when Poppa said it was time to go in so I picked up my bug and followed him. Because I was being such a good Chloe he offered me a treat. To make room in my mouth for my biscuit, I had to spit out my bug. I helped Memaw and Poppa have fun too because when that big black bug took off running across the living room, Memaw started jumping all around, screaming real loud while Poppa chased it through the house with a big shoe.

Idea Her point!    

“Life is short. Have some fun.”

– Author Unknown