Week 1 November 2016 | Turbo

Dogs stare at us for their own reasons.



dscf3379editedMyself ran to Mommy as she walked in the back door. But, when she stopped where she stood and looked down, myself stopped where I was, too. Instead of smiling and saying hello to me, she took off her shoe. She asked if I was the one who pooed where there isn’t supposed to be poo. Myself didn’t think I did that. It must have been Maxine but — I was the one Mommy was looking at. My insides got worried and my brain got confused. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do! So, I just stood all frozen-like and stared at her. I didn’t blink. Not even once—till Mommy petted me and said everything was okay. That’s when I got all happy again ‘cause I knew what to do–make my tail wag, prance my big-boy self around Mommy’s legs, and blink my eyes. I wanted Mommy to pick me up but herself had her hand busy holding her shoe way out to her side.

Idea His point!    

“Confusion gives you a reason to wait and see what happens next.”

– Author Unknown