Week 1 November

What dogs do when they think you’re not watching
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Mom put costumes on Maxine and me andDSCF3241 took us to a big park for Hollyween Doggie Day. My eyes saw lots of people and my nose smelled things it never smelled before. She pulled us around in a wagon so we wouldn’t get stepped on or find things on the ground we would want to eat that she wouldn’t want us to eat. Maxine, who is very brave, sat in the front part of the wagon. I sat in the back part. People came to our wagon asking if they could pet us. Sometimes Maxine would happy wiggle. Other times she ignored them. All times I scooted close behind her. Mom stopped our wagon at a place where dog treat smells came into my nose. She was so busy looking at the good stuff, she didn’t see Maxine putting her paws on the side of the wagon and stretching herself high enough to snatch a cookie from the table. When she crunched on it, part of the cookie fell in the wagon. Myself grabbed it and turned my mouth away to eat it in case she tried to take it away from me. When I turned back around Mom was looking at Maxine. Maxine was looking at Mom. I looked at both of them and just laid down. My brain told me that, even though Maxine is the bestest cookie finder in the whole world, snack time was over.

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“Life’s pleasures come in little ways, a moment at a time.”

– Author Unknown