Week 1 October 2016 Turbo

You can’t fool a dog.



turbo week 1 october 2016Mommy opened her hand and there sat a little ball of cheese, just for me. I ate the cheese then went PTOO, making the pill hiding inside the cheese fall into Mommy’s lap next to my paw. I am supposed to chew my medicine  but my mouth said it tasted bad so I let Mommy know I didn’t want it. She gave me another piece of cheese. I ate the cheese and pushed that same pill out with my tongue. Mommy picked it up and dipped it in peanut butter. I sucked off the peanut butter and spit out the pill. It stuck to my chin. She gave me more peanut butter. The pill hung itself on my ear when I spit it out again. Myself was not much happy so I clamped my teeth together real good and intended to keep them closed… till I saw the piece of hot dog she had for me… I love hot dogs. As I started chewing it Mommy handed me more hot dog! I grabbed it and chewed it up fast too. My brain isn’t broken. I knew the pill was in the hot dog but I wanted the hot dog more than I didn’t want the pill.

Idea His point!    

“Fool me once and I’ll figure out what you did before you can fool me again.”

– Author Unknown